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Hi to anyone who stumbles across this website. I’m Kelly, a 30 something and beyond lass from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. I moved to Edinburgh, Scotland back in 2008, then moved to Stornoway for a year in 2013. After that, I moved to Aberdeen and now I am in South Korea, Gangneung. I moved here in August 2015 and I’ve been here ever since.

I’m married with two dogs, a dachshund named Monroe and a Maltipoo named Chorong.

The main reason for this blog, is to keep an online diary for myself and just to write about my life. If someone happens to read it, then that’s a bonus. Thanks for reading so far!

  • New hobbies, new hair, new tattoo…new me?

    Hey to whoever stumbles across my blog and is interested in learning about my life. Honestly I’m just a normal human with insecurities and just want a place to journal. It’s kinda nice hoping that someone reads it. I’d love to upload more often but life happens.

    So, we’re still not pregnant unfortunately. However, now I’ve become at peace with it. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, well there is always IVF and adoption. All of these options are great.

    What’s new? Well I’ve started a new hobby. I’ve gotten into Zumba thanks for my friend A who told me that dance was probably good idea. She was right. It’s so good for my fitness and also for my mental health. So thank you A!

    I started Zumba just less than two months ago. At first I was so nervous. I went and joined on my own and my Korean friend followed after. She came for my comfort actually, but it turns out I could do it by myself. She went to the wrong one and I ended up going to the one I’m at now and arranged an experience class with the instructor.

    I was so nervous that day!!!

    Im a highly insecure person, so to start I was nervous. I actually had one blimp where I thought I was so terrible and compared my self to a friend who also joined. That was bad of me and I didn’t realize how negative and toxic I was being. All because I was upset that I couldn’t dance.

    Fast forward to now, I still can’t dance. I don’t have the grooves but I know some of the steps and it’s helping me lose weight. I’ve signed up to 5 days a week. I’ve also joined Strongnation too, and that is tough! Wednesdays and Fridays are hard but it’s making me toned and fitter. I absolutely love going!!!

    Today, I got my hair dyed for the first time at a salon. I got two toned hair and the Koreans called it Secret Two Tone. At first I didn’t like it, because I could really see the color. But it grew on me and I like the faded look.

    The color didn’t catch onto most of the bleached part. But I kinda like it.
    I feel pretty here 🙂

    However, I decided to voice this to someone on Instagram. We’ll call her P. I just said I didn’t like it but now I do. And she ended up telling me that the hairstylist wasn’t good. I got offended of course because I never asked her opinion. She said she never attacked me or my hair, but the stylist. However, making that statement means she didn’t like my hair which the opinion wasn’t asked for. Anyways she wasn’t happy I was offended, and called me out for being insecure and that she doesn’t like insecure people. Of course, I blocked and realised what a narcissist she was being.

    Yeah, cussing out my stylist is also cussing out my hair. Whether I like it or not – your opinion doesn’t matter. It was never asked for. You calling me insecure just shows how insecure you are yourself, and also a narcissist. Good riddance and enjoy being alone.

    If you’re insecure or feel not confident, it’s okay. You don’t have to hide your feelings. I felt so bad for the next few hours and a few friends were able to lift me back up.

    Anyways, I also got a new tattoo! It’s a Korean tattoo but from a Harry Potter book. ‘Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one remembers to turn on the light’

    Isn’t it pretty? Korean writing is just beautiful!

    I love it and it didn’t hurt at all. I was surprised and it looks so pretty. I absolutely love Hangul!!!

    That’s the update for now. I kinda ranted near the end up I needed to vent. And I feel better for doing so. So if you’re insecure, like me! That’s okay. We all are in some ways. And people need to treat others with respect!



  • A little update and kinda a diary/reminder to myself

    Hello. It seems like I didn’t update this for a while. Life kinda took hold and I forgot. I doubt anyone reads this anyways, but it’s nice to have a space to write and maybe someone coming across it.

    The past 10 months have been a bit of a whirlwind. I got married at the city hall here in Korea. We didn’t have a wedding ceremony or after party but we did do the Korean way and get wedding photos taken.

    The last 10 months or so we’ve been planning our own family. But 10 months later and still no news. The past few months we’ve been to fertility doctors. 10 months isn’t a long time but it’s still worthwhile to check in my opinion.

    I went to a hospital near me called Segaeon Gynocology. I had so many mixed experiences in this place and I know for sure that I’m not a fan. I’ve had about 5 internal ultrasounds and basically doctors saying there’s nothing wrong. I’ll go into details about my experience in another post.

    Fast forward to last month and the doctor suggested I visit his colleague at another hospital ‘I and Mom’. My experience there was so much better. From the moment I walked in to now.

    Firstly, I didn’t have to request tests and be the one to initiate procedures. They have a list and they’re working through it with me. The nurses are much kinder and the doctor just tells you the facts and doesn’t give you false hope or anything like that. He remains professional.

    So we had my husbands SA check and things were normal. My hormone abs blood tests were normal too. Both doctors said my ovaries and egg courts were great and better than most people. Yay!

    The new doctor suggested I go get an HSG test. It’s an X ray for the Fallopian tubes. You get it done to see if there’s a blockage that stops the egg from traveling down. And oh boy. I read up about it and knew it would be uncomfortable. Some say it’s mild like a period.

    My experience was far worse than just a period. So let me me explain. From the moment I saw the doctor and nurses, they kept saying how it would be a bit painful. Before the procedure the nurse drilled it into me to not move. It will hurt and I cannot move. keep my hands above my head etc.

    I asked for my husband to come and stay and they eventually let him. With him there, he calmed me and made me feel safe. I don’t know why doctors don’t allow husbands in!!

    Anyways, fast forward to the procedure (I hyperventilated and cried before). He injected the dye into my left and oh boy, it wasn’t just a period pain. It was painful like there was so much pressure. It was unpleasant. They then moved to my right side and holy cow. It was so bad I had to bare down and pretty sure I ripped my husbands skin on his hand. I can’t even explain the pain I felt.

    There was a lot of bleeding and things were fine. But when I was waiting for the elevator, the doctor told me that there might be a blockage but won’t know for sure until they look.

    Hearing this, and just coming down from the whole experience I started to feel faint. I’ve never fainted before so don’t know really. But things went white and a little spotty and the next thing I know, I was on the ground. Apparently I took my husband down with me.

    I’ll go back to the doctor on the 17th March. He will look at the HSG x ray with me and explain the next steps. If there is a blockage in my right, I’m not really sure the next steps. Trying to stay positive!!!

    That’s the update so far. I guess it was a pretty big update 😅!!

    I think from now on I want to document my experiences. Maybe it will help someone else. Maybe it will help me.

    Till next time,


  • My First Experience Solo Traveling – I LOST MY PHONE!!

    Hi to those reading,

    It’s been two years since my first solo traveling experience and I never really got to share my thoughts about it. Have you ever traveled alone? I’ve always traveled with somebody, I have terrible travel anxiety even when I’m with someone.

    Rewind back to 2019. It was my first time living alone, due to my husband and I taking that wee break. I had never traveled alone before, and it took a lot of courage for me to book my first trip alone. It was only made possible because my husband took a few months off work and was able to cover my vacation days. I’ll explain about vacation as an expat in Korea another time.

    Booking the tickets took a lot of thought. I knew I wanted my first travel experience to be somewhere rather safe and a short distance. From Korea, Japan is the closest and I chose there. It took a lot of planning, I planned every day and I knew for sure that I needed to buy one of those WiFi eggs when I landed.

    Gangneung to the Airport

    So, luckily from the city I’m living in (Gangneung) 강릉, there is an airport shuttle that takes you all the way to the departures gate at the airport. I was so relieved that there was a bus that got me to the airport 4 hours early. Okay, so 4 hours earlier is a bit of an overkill, but with my anxiety, I needed all that time to get myself together. Once at the airport, I checked in as soon as I could, got through security and found my gate. Having a few hours left until my flight, I found it easier to explore the airport (it was very small) got something to eat and chilled until I was ready to board. It was a very drama free time and my anxiety was kept at bay.

    Arriving in Osaka

    The flight wasn’t very long and once landed it was easy to navigate to customs and security. When I got out of the arrivals gate, that was when it dawned on me that I was alone in a whole different country. I had a mini freak out and managed to get myself together and find the WiFi rental kiosks. There were a lot of options but I went with a 50GB a day WiFi egg. I don’t remember the costs, but I do remember that I didn’t care. I just wanted to be comfortable and having WiFi handy meant I could use the translation app and also GPS on my maps.

    Osaka Airport to the Hotel

    My main train of thought after getting the WiFi egg was to make my way to the hotel. I knew that once I had found it and settled down, I could enjoy the rest of my trip. Luckily a lot of the signs had English on them and the workers were so nice. I was able to get a train from the airport to one of the main train stations. I’m pretty sure it was Osaka Station. Anyways, I won’t go into detail with all the place names as this isn’t a travel post, more of a “how my trip went” kinda post.

    Luckily I had my WiFi egg because from Osaka train station to the hotel was a maze. The maps didn’t show you where to go in the station. I had to follow my blue dot and hope for the best getting out. Luckily, I didn’t panic and just followed the dot as it was moving closer to the hotel. And guess what? I found it! By the way, I found out a year later that the area I stayed in was prostitute central. I’m glad I didn’t know back then.
    The hotel room was like a dorm, it had a single bed with a tiny shower but it was perfect for me as it was cozy and I found comfort in it.


    I was able to navigate the Osaka subway and found all the places I needed using google maps. FYI Google maps is amazing in Japan, it tells you what train you need and when the train comes. It was a life saver and I got to see everywhere. I even ventured to Kyoto, the next town over using a bullet train. I was impressed with myself because I managed to venture out of my comfort zone. I had a wee blip when buying tickets to Kyoto.

    There were numerous trains you could choose. I wanted to try the bullet train, and the tickets were so confusing. I used the machines which had English. It was easy to use until I got to the ticket gate. It wouldn’t work and the man said I needed another ticket. At this point I almost gave up and went back to the hotel but I made myself go to the kiosk and ask the guy what I needed to do. All I had to do was purchase this other ticket to get into the platform. Yeaaaaah, the trains are weird, they don’t include it all in one ticket. You actually have to purchase two separate tickets and insert them both at the same time into the machine. My trip to Kyoto was fun and I had a good time.

    Universal Studios

    Since I was in Osaka, I HAD to go to Universal Studios. I had my ticket all booked and printed. I had a mini freak out because I knew I had to get there early to beat the queues. It was heaving with people an hour before the gates opened. Everything was fine, I enjoyed the park alone and nothing major happened until I left the park.

    Oh boy. I went to the bathroom before I left the park and put my phone on the toilet roll holder. After leaving the park, I went to a cafe nearby, it was about a 5 minute walk. I ordered my food and got ready to take photos of it, but guess what? MY PHONE WAS MISSING!!!! That was when it clicked and realized that I left it on the toilet roll holder inside the park.

    I explained to the waitress that I left my phone at Universal, crying at this point. She said it was okay and said she’d watch my food. I legged it back, I was a hot mess. When I got to the gate, they wouldn’t let me in. They were so rude and kept shooing me away. Luckily another worker, this lovely woman stopped me and asked what was wrong. I explained to her and she tried her best to help. She yelled at the ticket men and they let me in to look for the phone. I couldn’t find it. When I got back to the woman, I was in hysterics and she was hugging me. She took me to the information desk and they asked me to fill out a form with all the details. I wrote everything, told them I had a Harry Potter phone case and it was wooden. The picture was of my dachshund dog and even wrote down my phone code. After 5 minutes of waiting and me rocking back and forward because I was alone and wanted to go home, the man came out holding my phone. You can only imagine that relief I felt!!!

    The man said that a Japanese woman handed it in after finding it. The lady had just handed it in before I got there. Japanese people are honestly the most loyal and kind. In other countries, my phone would have been gone. I was very lucky that day. I managed to calm myself down and the man gave me a tissue and told me to breathe and rest. When I left the information desk, the woman who helped me came over and saw I had my phone. She jumped up and down in excitement and we hugged. I said thank you so many times and I really wish I got her name.

    I ran walked back to the restaurant because at this point, I was famished. My adrenaline started to fade and I was feeling faint. When I got to the restaurant, my food was still the there. The waitress asked if I found my phone and she also jumped with excitement. She even took my food away and made me a completely new, hot one. It was amazing, she was amazing…Japan was amazing.

    The food I got to eat after the whole phone ordeal.

    The rest of my trip was fun and uneventful. Would I travel alone again? No I don’t think so. It was fun and a great experience once. But I think I’d rather travel with someone else. I had an amazing experience and traveling alone once in your life has so many benefits. You learn a lot about yourself and your capabilities.

    If you have traveled alone yourself, please tell me about it!

  • The Obligatory First Post


    As with most blogs, there needs to be a first post. I guess I’ll use this first post to introduce a little about what I want to achieve with this blog. I used to blog a lot back in my university days. Usually writing about life, doing food reviews and just anything I wanted. There wasn’t a theme which is how I like it. I won’t be writing about any specific thing on this blog either, rather just update when I feel like it, and anything I felt like sharing.

    A little update about my life thus far. I moved to South Korea in August 2015 with my now husband David. It’s been 6 years now and I’ve just renewed by 7th contract. David and I have been together since 2013 and we met at Edinburgh Zoo. He was a supervisor on the catering side of things. We’re also pawrents to Monroe the Dachshund and Chorong the Maltipoo.

    David and I got married recently. We were supposed to get married in 2018 with friends and family back home, however things happened and we needed time to think things through. Thankfully, we both got through that stage but due to Covid 19 and getting older, we decided to tie the knot in South Korea.

    After a lot of thinking, we decided that getting married was the best thing to do. We had to prepare and work out what the legal way to do it was over here. Lots of language barriers and stuff made it a bit difficult. What we did was go to the British Embassy, get an affidavit for marriage, translate it and go to the city hall in our town. we had to fill in a few forms etc but we got married on august 12th 2021. Hopefully, we will be able to have celebrations in due course. I’ll probably write a blog about how we did it. Maybe it will help some future expats here.

    We’ll be getting some wedding photographs taken in October and hopefully have a little celebration with some people here in Korea. We will most likely hold a celebration back home when the time is right.

    I feel like I’e gone on for ages now. If you’re still with me, thanks for reading. Hopefully I haven’t bored you with my long story.